Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stronger and stronger.

Stronger and stronger!!! That's Luta Livre's way in the UK. After Team Kaobon, yesterday was time for the Golden Glory-UK get the first grades in Luta Livre. Marcelo Brigadeiro awarded his students giving out white, yellow, orange, and blue grades.

Here is the list:

Blue Belt:
Rob Broughton

Orange Belt:
Dave Wilson
Paul Tabern

Yellow Belt:
James Tasker (level2)
Darren Forshaw (level1)
Jamie Donnelly
Clint Smith
Kevin Tinsley

White Belt:
Paul Baccino (level3)
Colin Rigby (level3)
Thomas Rigby (level3)
Jay Clarckson (level2)
Daniel Morris (level2)
Matthew Badibanga (level1)
Paul Adams (level1)

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