Thursday, December 31, 2009

Team Kaobon is ready for 2010.

Team Kaobon is more than ready to repeat in 2010 the same outstanding performance of 2009. Colin Heron (Thai Boxing coach) and Marcelo Brigadeiro (Luta Livre coach) have a great army in their hands. The Kaobon soldiers are:

Pietro Menga
Jay McGuiness

Mick Sinclair
Mark Adams
Greg Severs

Terry Etim
Paul Kelly
Paul Sass
Rob Sinclair
Martin Stapleton
Richie Downes
Uche Ihiekwe
Mark Glover

Mark Scanlon
Paul Taylor
Lee Chadwick
Jay Gladden
Jay Manning
Kam Atakuru

Paul Cahoon
Carl Noon
Kev Axworthy

Terry Etim and the "Best Submission of 2009" in the UFC.

Terry Etim got another award in his career. The Luta Livre Blue Belt was confirmed by the UFC as the winner of the "Best Submission of 2009" because of his perfect Darce Choke displayed against Justin Buchholz at the UFC 99. It´s a great achievement for Etim, Team Kaobon and Luta Livre!!

Best Submissions of 2009:

1 – Terry Etim's second-round D'Arce choke vs. Justin Buchholz – UFC 99 – June 13
2 – Demian Maia's first-round triangle choke vs. Chael Sonnen – February 21 – UFC 95
3 – Frank Mir's first-round guillotine choke vs. Cheick Kongo – December 12 – UFC 107
4 – Damarques Johnson's first-round triangle choke vs. Edgar Garcia – December 12 – UFC 107
5 – Joe Lauzon's second-round armbar vs. Jeremy Stephens - February 7 - UFC Fight Night
6 – Rick Story's second-round arm triangle vs. Brian Foster – September 19 – UFC 103
7 –Tom Lawlor's first-round guillotine choke vs. CB Dollaway - July 11 - UFC 100
8 – Alan Belcher's second-round guillotine choke vs. Denis Kang – January 17 – UFC 93
9 – Jon Jones' second-round D'Arce choke vs. Jake O’Brien – July 11 – UFC 100
10 – Tim Hague's first-round guillotine choke vs. Pat Barry - May 23 - UFC 98

OMMAC 3 - Another great night for Luta Livre and Team Kaobon.

The OMMAC 3 was a great show with great fights and another impressive performance of Team Kaobon. Pietro Menga (Luta Livre Orange Belt), Uche Ihiekwe (Luta Livre Yellow Belt), Jay Manning (Luta Livre Orange Belt), Jay Gladden (Luta Livre Orange Belt) and Jay McGuiness (Luta Livre Orange Belt) all finished their fights with submissions in the 1 round while Paul Cahoon (Luta Livre Blue Belt) and Luis "Besouro" (Luta Livre Black Belt) won their fights by unanimous decision. Luta Livre shows show after show how effective it is. Congratulations Luta Livre soldiers!!!

Terry Etim keeps on winning in the UFC.

Terry Etim, a Luta Livre Blue Belt, had another outstanding performance at the UFC 105 making his Team Kaobon very proud. Etim faced the dangerous and well rounded Shanon Guggerty and finished the fight with a perfect guillotine choke in the second round. With this submission Terry won the "Submission of the Night" prize for the third time in his UFC career. Well done Terry!!!

Luta Livre scores another 2 victories at the "Burnley Brawl 2"

Luta Livre and Team Kaobon scored another 2 victories at "Burnley Brawl 2". Carl Noon was the first to step in the cage and after only 22 seconds of fight the Luta Livre fighter defended a takedown and used his powerfull ground and pound to finish the fight and earn the Midlleweight belt. Mick Sinclair showed everyone the much he has been improving from fight to fight and after a great first round, Mick finished the fight with a guillotine choke in the second round. Congratulations Carl and Mick!!