Saturday, February 28, 2009

Three Luta Livre fighters in action on next Cage Gladiators.

Luta Livre will be represented by three fighters on next Cage Gladiator (7th March). Julian "Jabba" Soares (73 kg), Lee "The Butcher" Chadwick (77 kg) and Kev "Damage" Axeworthy (83 kg) are training hard at Team Kaobon to give their best when they step in the ring. Under their coaches (Colin Heron - Thai Boxing and Marcelo Brigadeiro - Luta Livre) supervision, all three guys are going through the same routine what consists in 6 hours of training everyday mixing standing up and ground techniques. Good luck to the Luta Livre warriors.

Julian "Jabba" Soares
Lee "The Butcher" Chadwick
Kev "Damage" Axeworthy

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watch Terry's fight on UFC 95.

Watch Terry's last fight on UFC 95 when the Luta Livre and Thai Boxing fighter got a impressive win over Brian Cobb. You can also watch his pre-fight interview clicking in the following links:


What a fight !!!!

What a fight!!! That's what people were saying yesterday at O2 Arena after Terry Etim's victory over Brian Cobb on UFC 95. Liverpool lightweight Terry Etim put together his most impressive UFC performance to date as he used a ferocious Muay Thai attack to halt Brian Cobb in the second round.Etim’s striking and takedown defense were sharp in the early going, with only a caught kick by Cobb (15-5) leading to a trip to the mat. While on the ground, Etim (12-2) tried to keep Cobb locked up in order to force a stand-up from referee Kevin Mulhall, and the strategy worked as he and Cobb got re-started. While on the feet, Etim upped his workrate, tagging Cobb with hard kicks upstairs and downstairs. Cobb weathered the storm and got a much-needed takedown, but again, Terry showed he's been working on his ground skills controlling the fight on the ground, and the two were stood up with a little over a minute to go. Etim resumed his kick-based attack, and even scored a takedown of his own as the round neared its end.Etim came out fast in the second, and after attacking Cobb’s leg again, he switched things up and shot off a lead left kick to the head. Cobb dropped immediately, and a big right hand on the mat finished things off, with Mulhall calling the bout off 10 seconds into the second round. Team Kaobon scores another win, showing the world how hard they work in that camp.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Terry Etim ready for UFC 95.

Terry Etim is ready to fight on February 21st at UFC 95. He will face Brian Cobb (15-4). After a great win over Sam Stout on UFC 89, when he used combinations of precise kicks with fast hands and a spiteful jab to control the canadian for 3 rounds, Terry now wants another victory. In pursuit of perfection, Etim has undergone a continuous period of preparation and training since his win over Stout. Not content with just winning, Etim is determined to win, look great doing it and, ultimately, thrill his biggest critic – himself. There’s one way to achieve all three – good, old-fashioned hard work. To bring his ground game to the highest level Terry has been training Luta Livre for a few months under supervision of his Luta Livre's coach Marcelo Brigadeiro. He has also been training hard on his already impressive Thai Boxing skills with his coach Colin Heron. Such a hard work at Team Kaobon makes him very confident of victory on February 21st. “It’s a good fight for me” admits Etim. “I think I’ll be fine wherever it goes. I’m confident should it stay standing and I’m confident going to the ground with him. He’s (Cobb) a very strong fighter, but I’m confident I’ll have the advantages in most areas." It’s scary to think that Etim, still merely 23, is only just embarking on his run up the mixed martial arts mountain. Angular and physically imposing at the weight, Etim is now purely seeking experience and activity. Once he conquers both, Britain could be looking at a genuine star of the sport. Good Luck Terry!


Due to some injuries and also some problems matching up the fights, Gladiator School III had only 3 fighters from Team Kaobon. Tom Baxter, Mick "The Atom" and Gregg Severs have shown why Team Kaobon is one of the best MMA teams in Europe. After 3 rounds of a very technical fight, Tom Baxter got a drawn after showing a great performance in the ground. Mick "The Atom" has shown everybody that he has been learning Luta Livre's techniques after win his fight via ankle lock at 56 seconds of the first round. Even faster was Gregg Severs. Looking like a veteran Gregg just needed 33 seconds of fight to win via guillotine choke after a combination of punches and knees. Congratulations guys!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Luta Livre's Fighters ready for Gladiator School.

Julian "Jabba" Soares, Mark Scanlon, Tom Baxter, Greg Severs, Dave Newbrook and Mick "The Atom" are the fighters who will represent Luta Livre on Gladiator School, next sunday. All of them represent team Kaobon and have been training very hard with their coaches Marcelo Brigadeiro (Luta Livre) and Colin Heron (Thai Boxing). Julian "Jabba" and Mark Scanlon will fight under professional rules while Tom, Greg, Dave and Mick will be fighting as semi-professional. Good luck Luta Livre's warriors!


You might be used to watch on TV news about war and conflicts in Israel region but what you don't know is that the people over there have found in Luta Livre their way to forget about the bad things. Amit Hakim, A Luta Livre's Black Belt, holds a very strong team in Israel. His students have been in many Grappling competitions earning many wins and collecting many titles. The academy is located in the country-club ‘Sport Plus’ in Beer-Sheva. It stretches over 200 square meters covered with Olympic tatame mats, which guaranties the uncompromised quality for the ‘LUTA LIVRE’ student.
Further information:

Congratulations Amit Hakim.