Thursday, December 31, 2009

Team Kaobon is ready for 2010.

Team Kaobon is more than ready to repeat in 2010 the same outstanding performance of 2009. Colin Heron (Thai Boxing coach) and Marcelo Brigadeiro (Luta Livre coach) have a great army in their hands. The Kaobon soldiers are:

Pietro Menga
Jay McGuiness

Mick Sinclair
Mark Adams
Greg Severs

Terry Etim
Paul Kelly
Paul Sass
Rob Sinclair
Martin Stapleton
Richie Downes
Uche Ihiekwe
Mark Glover

Mark Scanlon
Paul Taylor
Lee Chadwick
Jay Gladden
Jay Manning
Kam Atakuru

Paul Cahoon
Carl Noon
Kev Axworthy

Terry Etim and the "Best Submission of 2009" in the UFC.

Terry Etim got another award in his career. The Luta Livre Blue Belt was confirmed by the UFC as the winner of the "Best Submission of 2009" because of his perfect Darce Choke displayed against Justin Buchholz at the UFC 99. It´s a great achievement for Etim, Team Kaobon and Luta Livre!!

Best Submissions of 2009:

1 – Terry Etim's second-round D'Arce choke vs. Justin Buchholz – UFC 99 – June 13
2 – Demian Maia's first-round triangle choke vs. Chael Sonnen – February 21 – UFC 95
3 – Frank Mir's first-round guillotine choke vs. Cheick Kongo – December 12 – UFC 107
4 – Damarques Johnson's first-round triangle choke vs. Edgar Garcia – December 12 – UFC 107
5 – Joe Lauzon's second-round armbar vs. Jeremy Stephens - February 7 - UFC Fight Night
6 – Rick Story's second-round arm triangle vs. Brian Foster – September 19 – UFC 103
7 –Tom Lawlor's first-round guillotine choke vs. CB Dollaway - July 11 - UFC 100
8 – Alan Belcher's second-round guillotine choke vs. Denis Kang – January 17 – UFC 93
9 – Jon Jones' second-round D'Arce choke vs. Jake O’Brien – July 11 – UFC 100
10 – Tim Hague's first-round guillotine choke vs. Pat Barry - May 23 - UFC 98

OMMAC 3 - Another great night for Luta Livre and Team Kaobon.

The OMMAC 3 was a great show with great fights and another impressive performance of Team Kaobon. Pietro Menga (Luta Livre Orange Belt), Uche Ihiekwe (Luta Livre Yellow Belt), Jay Manning (Luta Livre Orange Belt), Jay Gladden (Luta Livre Orange Belt) and Jay McGuiness (Luta Livre Orange Belt) all finished their fights with submissions in the 1 round while Paul Cahoon (Luta Livre Blue Belt) and Luis "Besouro" (Luta Livre Black Belt) won their fights by unanimous decision. Luta Livre shows show after show how effective it is. Congratulations Luta Livre soldiers!!!

Terry Etim keeps on winning in the UFC.

Terry Etim, a Luta Livre Blue Belt, had another outstanding performance at the UFC 105 making his Team Kaobon very proud. Etim faced the dangerous and well rounded Shanon Guggerty and finished the fight with a perfect guillotine choke in the second round. With this submission Terry won the "Submission of the Night" prize for the third time in his UFC career. Well done Terry!!!

Luta Livre scores another 2 victories at the "Burnley Brawl 2"

Luta Livre and Team Kaobon scored another 2 victories at "Burnley Brawl 2". Carl Noon was the first to step in the cage and after only 22 seconds of fight the Luta Livre fighter defended a takedown and used his powerfull ground and pound to finish the fight and earn the Midlleweight belt. Mick Sinclair showed everyone the much he has been improving from fight to fight and after a great first round, Mick finished the fight with a guillotine choke in the second round. Congratulations Carl and Mick!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Luta Livre seminar was a huge success!!

The Luta Livre Seminar that happened last sunday (8th of November) at Team Kaobon was a huge sucess. Marcelo Brigadeiro taught Luta Livre techniques to over 60 people from many different places of the United Kingdom. Everyone seemed to enjoy the 4 hours seminar.
You can check the highlights in the following link:

Another 3 wins for Kaobon and Luta Livre.

Team Kaobon had 3 fighters in action last weekend. Mick Sinclair and Carl Noon fought at the "Burnley Brawl 2" while Uche Ihiekwe fought at the "Wrexham Fight Night". Carl won his fight in less than 30 seconds after defending a takedown and use his strong ground and pound to win by TKO and be the new middleweight champion of the "Burnley Brawl". Mick Sinclair fought in the featherweight division and scored a victory in the second round duo to a guillotine choke.
Uche won his fight by unanimoous decision after controling the actions while standing up and also when the fight was in the floor.
Congratulations Luta Livre soldiers!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Paul Taylor training at Kaobon for the UFC 105.

The UFC fighter Paul Taylor has been training at Team Kaobon for his fight on UFC 105 against John Hathaway. Taylor joined the UFC fighters Terry Etim and Paul Kelly and other fighters from Team Kaobon in the Luta Livre and Thai Boxing classes. Good luck Paul!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Luta Livre army getting bigger.

Last sunday the Luta Livre "army" in the UK got over 50 new "soldiers". Marcelo Brigadeiro graded his second team of Luta Livre students in England. The ceremony was at Team Kaobon and all the guys learned about the history of Luta Livre. It was a great day.

The ranking of the Luta Livre student is in the link below:

OMMAC 2, another great night for Kaobon and Luta Livre.

The Luta Livre and Team Kaobon are doing a great job. Last weekend, the team won the six fights that they did on Olympian MMA Championship 2, with a show of submissions. First to get in action, Pietro Menga submitted his opponent with a triangle choke on 35s of the second round. Then Greg Draggo needed 23 seconds to submit his opponent with a guillotine choke, winning the fourth in a row with guillotines in less than one minute. Then, Uche Ihiekwe also used a triangle choke to submit, winning on 83 seconds. Fast as a bullet, Lee Chadwick won in only 17 seconds, with a rear naked choke.

Finishing the job, Richie Downes and Carl Noon also submitted on the first round. Now the next commitments are Burnley Brawn 2, on November 7, where the team will be represented by four athletes. UFC 105 will have Terry Etim and Paul Kelly, who left Wolfslair to move to Team Kaobon. Terry will face Shannon Gugerty and Paul faces Dennis Silver.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Luta Livre Series.

You can now download the Luta Livre series from the website
The episodes will be released every week. The first episodes are free, you just have to click in the following link to register and download it.

The preview is in the following link:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Luis "Besouro" and Felipe Borges coming to UK to train with Marcelo Brigadeiro.

Luis "Besouro", a Luta Livre Black Belt, and Felipe Borges, a Luta Livre Brown Belt, are coming to UK to train under Marcelo Brigadeiro at Team Kaobon, looking foward to improve even more their already very dangerous ground game. Both fighters are from RFT Team (Brazil). They might be fighting in a couple of mma shows here, so keep the eyes on them!

Felipe wins by armbar at Shooto Brazil.

"Besouro" wins by katagatami at WOCS.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Luta Livre keep scoring!

In front of one of the new MMA revelations, Daniel Acácio used the experience to get the victory against the tough Pedro Iriê, in one of the best fights of First Class Fight 3, that happened last Friday at Pacha club, in São Paulo. “It was one of the best experiences that I had, taking to the ground, trying to submit or the knock out... That was the Daniel Acácio that people wanted back. I had a bad phase, but I found the victory and my origins again”, celebrates.

When he moved to CM System, team leaded by Cristiano Marcello, the fighter promised to put the team on top. “The whole team is doing a great job, people is working and coming hard, looking for the victory to put CM System on top. It’s already on top, between three or four bigger teams of Brazil”, guarantees Acácio, reveling that he’ll fight overseas in October. “I’ll fight on Sweden at 200lbs, and you can be sure that I’ll be strong, I won’t be fat (laugh)”.

Former Pride fighter, Daniel expects one more victory, looking for a spot in bigger events. “I’m ready... Who put me won’t regret. What I did today is not even the half of what I can do. People will see when Daniel Acácio be back. My space is a little lost, but I’m conquering it back again”, said, talking about Anderson Silva’s domain on his category. “Anderson is the man to be beaten, but if I say that in this moment there’s someone to beat the guy, I’ll be hypocrite… He’s on his best performance, like Wanderlei had in the past”.

Monday, September 21, 2009

"Fast and lethal".

"Fast and lethal", thats what people were saying after the fight of the Luta Livre Black Belt Alexandre "Cacareco" at the "Jungle Fight" (September 19th). "Cacareco" used one of the Luta Livre's signature moves, the heel hook, to beat the BJJ Black Belt Vagner "Curio" at only 16 seconds of the round 1. After winning his last 5 fights in less than 1 minute, all by submission, we have to agree, Luta Livre is fast and lethal inded!!!

"Betao" scores 2 victories in 3 weeks.

The Luta Livre fighter Luis "Betao", member of the RFT Team scored 2 victories in 3 weeks. The first one happened in the Shooto Brazil 13 (August 29th) when the defeated Zeilton Nenzao by unanimous decision. The second was at the "X-Combat MMA" (October 20th) when he defeated Albino Mendes by TKO. Now "Betao" is the number 1 at the Shooto Brazil ranking (under 60kg). Congratulations RFT and Betao!!!

"Besouro" scores another win to Luta Livre!!!

The Luta Livre Black Belt Luis "Besouro" scored another victory at the "Bitetti Combat", the biggest MMA show ever in Brazil. Facing the BJJ Black Belt Henrique "Chocolate" (former Wolfslair BJJ Coach), "Besouro" completely dominated the fight on the ground to score a win by TKO due to a vicious ground and pound still in the round 1. Congratulations to "Besouro" and to the RFT Team!!
You can check the fight clicking in the link below:

Luta Livre and Kaobon conquer another belt.

The Luta Livre fighter Martin "Stapes" Stapleton conquered another belt. Representing Team Kaobon, "Stapes" defeated the Wolfslair fighter Ashley Smith to get the "Clash of Warriors" lightweight belt.
Both fighters started the round with a number of kicks to the head. Martin followed this with a number of good punches to the head, but Ashley was quick to respond in kind, with the two of them appearing to be very evenly matched. Martin is attacking more than Ashley, but not all of his blows are connecting. Martin manages to get Ashley pinned against the side of the cage but Ashley is quick to escape. After exchanging a few punches and kicks in the middle of the cage, Martin gets a number of good blows in and follows this by once again getting Ashley pinned up against the cage for the last few seconds of the round. Round 2 begins and Martin wastes no time getting a good punch in. Ashley responds with a kick to the head. The two of them still seem pretty evenly matched, although Martin seems to be dictating the fight. Following a grapple, Ashley is spun into the side of the cage for a second but quite literally bounces back. So far in this round, Ashley seems unable to do any real attacking – although he keeps trying, none of his efforts are really making a difference. Round 3 is more of the same. Martin continues to dominate the fight and, despite numerous attempts, Ashley cannot make any headway. At the end of round 3, Martin is declared the winner by the judges’ unanimous decision and takes home the Clash of Warriors Lightweight British title belt. Congratulations "Stapes"!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paul "Semtex" Daley and Dean Amasinger training Luta Livre at Kaobon.

The UFC fighter Paul "Semtex" Daley and the TUF member Dean Amasinger have been at Team Kaobon this week to learn Luta Livre. They had some privates with Brigadeiro and been in the Luta Livre classes rolling with Brigadeiro, Terry Etim, Mark Scanlon, Stapes and others. The Luta Livre training was part of their preparation to the next fights. Daley faces Brian Foster in the UFC 103 (September 19th) while Amasinger fights Jansen at the Ultimate Challenge (October 24th). "Thanks to Marcelo, Colin and the team, definatly will be making more trips up to the Kaobon gym." said Daley. "I also want to say thanks to Brigadeiro and Colin for their help and Hospitality. Also to the other lads at the gym like Terry and Scanno, you were a big help and I'll be back up again before my next fight to train." completed Amasinger.

Good luck guys!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Luta Livre and Kaobon are 100% again.

Luta Livre had a great night last saturday (August 8th) when was represented by 4 fighters from Team Kaobon at the Olympian MMA Championship. The first to get in the cage was Pietro Menga. Menga started very agressive, using low and high kicks. After going to the ground Menga managed to get a perfect armbar scoring the first Luta Livre victory at 1:25 of the first round. The second to fight was Uche Ihiekwe. Uche used a great combination of knees forcing Keith Fowles to give up at 3:10 of the first round. Greg Severs was the third Luta Livre fighter in the cage, and after just 1:07 of the first round, Greg scored another victory by submission via guilotine. The last one to represent Luta Livre was Lee Chadwick. Facing the dangerous Shaun Lomas , Lee needed only 0:23 to knock Shaun down with a left hook and submit him with a rear naked choke. Kaobon showed why is being named as one of the best teams in Europe.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Brazilian fighter training Luta Livre at Kaobon.

Franklin Jensen, a BJJ Black Belt and Luta Livre Brown Belt (under Marcelo Brigadeiro), is training Luta Livre everyday at Kaobon. The brazilian came to Liverpool to train Luta Livre for 2 months and is really impressed by the level of the Kaobon guys, "I could never imagine that the guys here would be in such a high level. It's crazy to think that Brigadeiro is here for only 9 months and the fighters are already so good" said the brazilian.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Luta Livre Tournament in the UK.

Today was an historical day when the first ever Luta Livre tournament happened in the UK at Team Kaobon (Liverpool). Fighters from Team Kaobon, Golden Glory, SUFFA, Bolton Catch Wrestling and SKK Club just showed why Luta Livre is getting so popular in England. They performed great fights and impressed everyone with the technical level of the competition. Greg Severs with 7 victories by submission, Rob Sinclair that defeated Lee Chadwick in an awesome match, Mick Sinclair that won his two fights by guilhotine and Simon Ridgway that at only 14 years old went toe to toe with the big guys made the tournament even more exciting. A great day inded, when we've seen the first British Luta Livre's champions in action.


Under 1 year experience, under 66 kg.

1-Rob Brothwood (Kaobon)
2-Simon Ridgway (Kaobon)
3- Emile Griffiths (Kaobon)

Under 1 year experience, under 77 kg.

1-Greg Severs (Kaobon)
2-Damian Martin (Kaobon)
3- Stephen Edmondson (Kaobon)

Under 1 year experience, under 88 kg.

1-Radoslav Gorny (Kaobon)
2-Remigiusv Gorny (Kaobon)
3- Steve Pajak (Kaobon)

Under 1 year experience, under 99 kg.

1-Abdul Omope (Kaobon)
2-Lee Willians (Kaobon)
3- Jamie Donolly (Golden Glory)

Under 1 year experience, Open Class.

1-Lee Willians (Kaobon)
2-Greg Severs (Kaobon)
3- Radoslav Gorny (Kaobon)

Over 1 year experience, under 66 kg.

1-Robert Molineaux (Kaobon)
2-Filip Swiatek (Kaobon)
3- Adam Ugorski (Kaobon)

Over 1 year experience, under 77 kg.

1-Mick Sinclair (SUFFA)
2-Neil Croston (Bolton Catch Wrestling)
3- Michael Groundy (Kaobon)

Over 1 year experience, under 88kg.

1-Rob Sinclair (SUFFA)
2-Lee Chadwick (Kaobon)

Over 1 year experience, under 99 kg.

1-Lee Chadwick (Kaobon)
2-Carl Noon (SUFFA)

Over 1 year experience, Open Class.

1-Michael Groundy(Kaobon)
2-Filip Swiatek (Kaobon)
3- Lee Chadwick (Kaobon)