Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Luta Livre's fighters on the Cage Gladiators XII.

Four fighters will be representing Luta Livre on Cage Gladiator XII (6th June).

Richie Downes, Kev Axworthy, Jay Gladden and Jay Manning are training hard at Kaobon gym to give everybody a great show.

Cage Gladiators XII card:

Rob Sinclair v Paul Sass

Ashleigh Grimshaw v Vaughn Harvey

James Doolan v James McGuiness

Luke Smith v Aaron Wilkinson

Mick Sinclair v A J Wenn

Tommy Maguire v Eugene Fadiora

Kev Axworthy v Alex Makonin

Richie Downes v Colm Gillane

James Gladden v Lee Doski

Neil Fraser v Danny Withington

Richie Ryder v Lanus Jones

Mark Glover v tbc

Chris Garry v Anthony Murphy

James Manning v tbc

Sean Jones v tbc

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