Sunday, June 14, 2009

Terry wins and gets "Submission of the Night" on UFC 99.

A Luta Livre Blue Belt, Terry showed the world how much his ground game has improved yesterday when he scored another win to his record and also got the "Submission of the Night" prize.
UFC official website wrote: "Terry Etim continued to show new facets of his game, rising from a first round knockdown to roar back in the second and submit Justin Buchholz in a clash of lightweight prospects.Buchholz attempted to close the gap on Etim immediately behind some hard kicks to the head and body. Etim took his time, but when he struck, he struck hard, immediately reddening Buchholz’ face. The American was game though, and he kept pushing the pace, eventually dropping Etim with a hard right hand. Buchholz immediately pounced, and though Etim tried for a quick submission, Buchholz wasn’t having it, and he kept firing away, with referee Leon Roberts watching the action closely. But Etim was just as resilient, and eventually he fought his way free and began working on his opponent’s leg. Buchholz soon got up and marked another momentum shift with some hard strikes just before the bell sounded.Etim got back to his measured gameplan in round two, landing with some hard leg kicks that got Buchholz’ attention. And by the stanza’s second minute, Etim was starting to close in with knees and kicks to the head before the fight went to the mat at the midway point. It was there that Etim lowered the boom with a D’arce choke that produced the tap out at 2:38 of the round."
Congratulations Terry and Team Kaobon.

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