Thursday, September 24, 2009

Luta Livre keep scoring!

In front of one of the new MMA revelations, Daniel Acácio used the experience to get the victory against the tough Pedro Iriê, in one of the best fights of First Class Fight 3, that happened last Friday at Pacha club, in São Paulo. “It was one of the best experiences that I had, taking to the ground, trying to submit or the knock out... That was the Daniel Acácio that people wanted back. I had a bad phase, but I found the victory and my origins again”, celebrates.

When he moved to CM System, team leaded by Cristiano Marcello, the fighter promised to put the team on top. “The whole team is doing a great job, people is working and coming hard, looking for the victory to put CM System on top. It’s already on top, between three or four bigger teams of Brazil”, guarantees Acácio, reveling that he’ll fight overseas in October. “I’ll fight on Sweden at 200lbs, and you can be sure that I’ll be strong, I won’t be fat (laugh)”.

Former Pride fighter, Daniel expects one more victory, looking for a spot in bigger events. “I’m ready... Who put me won’t regret. What I did today is not even the half of what I can do. People will see when Daniel Acácio be back. My space is a little lost, but I’m conquering it back again”, said, talking about Anderson Silva’s domain on his category. “Anderson is the man to be beaten, but if I say that in this moment there’s someone to beat the guy, I’ll be hypocrite… He’s on his best performance, like Wanderlei had in the past”.

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