Saturday, May 22, 2010

OMMAC 4 - Luta Livre prevails yet again.

The Ommac 4 was a highly anticipated event with lots of promising fights and Paul Sass vs Jason Young headlining the show it was sure to be a great night. Kaobon fighters were seen with their arms raised on several occasions, with no more than 6 out of 7 victories three via some great submissions. One to be remembered was the heel hook from Paul Sass which earned himself his tenth straight proffesional win. Up and coming Kaobon fighter Louis Jenkins was impressive with a first round TKO in just under a minute, followed by a decision victory for Pietro Menga against Brent Crawley.


Semi Pro

Louis Jenkins Defeated Malli richardson TKO 0:51 Round 1
Pietro Menga Defeated Brent Crawley Points


Richie Downes Defeated Paul Ramsdale TKO 0:56 Round 1
Michael Reid Defeated Neil Dutson Points
Mike Wilkinson Defeated Neil Spiring RNC 3:42 Round 1
Danny Sweeney Defeated Nij Wright Armbar 1:15 Round 1
James Manning Defeated Jason Muldoon N/S Choke 1:45 Round 1
Ronan Mckay Defeated James Gladden Armbar 0:36 Round 2
Chris Fishgold Defeated Neil McGuigan RNC 3:33 Round 1
James McGuiness Defeated Declan Williams Armbar 4:42 Round 1
Wayne Murrie Defeated Peer Irving Points
Paul Sass Defeated Jason young Heel Hook 2:01 Round 1

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