Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Luta Livre Grading 13th June

Team Kaobon will be hosting a grading in Luta Livre on Sunday 13th June at 1pm coach Marcelo Brigadiero a black belt under Marcio Cromado will be looking at your ability, commitment, knowledge, respect and discipline he will also be giving a brief history of Luta Livre. The fee for the grading will be £10 this pays for your belt a certificate & your registration to the Brazilian Luta Livre Association. Whether you are new to Luta Livre or a experienced grappler recieving a belt is always a great achievement and gives you something to aim for in the future it is a good way of knowing how much you have excelled in the months between grades so maybe one day you could become a black belt & grade yourself who knows!

Book either in the gym or contact Marcelo Brigadiero on his facebook.


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