Saturday, December 11, 2010

Marcelo Spreads Luta Livre Further!

During the previous weeks Marcelo has been sharing his love for Luta Livre with people from many different countries throughout europe, he has experienced so many different cultures and befriended some great people along his expedition, nothing of this magnitude has ever occured in the history of Luta Livre and i'm sure this will go down in history and those who tell the story of Luta Livre in the future will mention Marcelo Brigadeiro just like the tell stories of Euclydes Hatem or as most people associated with Luta Livre will know him as Tatu.

Marcelo Travelling through europe to countries such as Italy,Slovakia,Holland,Greece and many more. As Jesus once did spread the word of God okay without the miracles of course, but this is some feat Marcelo spreading his beliefs of Luta Livre to those who acknowledge it.

As he has being doing throughout the year in England teaching Luta Livre techniques to his Team. Team Kaobon improving there overall ground game, and other guys up and down the country. He followed this on in europe with submission defence, attacks, takedowns and the history of Luta Livre, Some countries being more clued up when it comes to the history and some being bewildered on what Luta Livre was until Marcelo arrived.

Now Marcelo will return home to his beloved Brazil and RFT gym after a long year of spreading the word of Luta Livre. Recovering for another year of growth of the sport which grew within him many years ago.



Seminar in Leuvene BELGIUM

Kiel seminar GERMANY

Muelheim seminar GERMANY



Milan, ITALY

Athens, GREECE


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  1. Is he coming back to the UK someday? Would be great to go to his seminar again.