Thursday, January 28, 2010

New members of the Luta Livre Family.

Yesterday was another great day in Luta Livre´s history when the state of Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil, had its first grading ceremony. Marcelo Brigadeiro graded 15 of his students in the beautiful city of Balneário Camboriú. It was possible to feel how proud all the guys were to know that they´re now the first Luta Livre team in the south of Brazil. Brigadeiro said to his students in the ceremony: "The Luta Livre family is getting bigger, make sure you all represent it with the same love and respect that i do, make sure you fell the same pride that i fell and make sure you defend it with the same effort that i do."

Congratulations to the members of RFT (Balneário Camboriú):

Brown Belt
Franklin Jensen (level 1)

Purple Belt
Jairo Chaves (level 2)
Marco Cruz
Gilberto Galvão

Blue Belt
Adalberto Neto (level 2)
Guilherme Horn (level 2)
Ricardo Quadros
Rodrigo Motta de Pinho

Orange Belt
Giovani Fajardo (level 3)
Romar Gonlalves (level 2)
Fabio André da Silva
Anderson dos Santos
Karl Meliga

Yellow Belt
Régis Echeverria (level 1)

White Belt
Alexandre Rozini (level 3)
Paolo Henkel (level 2)
Alexandre Santos (level 2)

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