Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays in Brazil......well, not so much....

The day after Terry´s fight in the UFC 105, i took a plane to Brazil for a well deserved rest after a great year for Team Kaobon and Luta Livre. All i was thinking of was a great time with my family and friends and nice beaches and great food of my country. Everything was planned but in the same day i got in Brazil my master, Cromado, called me asking for my help to make Luciano Azevedo and Leonardo Chocolate for their fights that would happen at the WFE 5 in Salvador. We had 10 days of training and adjustments and then we went to Salvador. The show was great, and we won both fights by submission. Luciano defeated Jean Silva by triangle in the first round. Also in the first round Chocolate defeated Rubens Charles by Anaconda choke. Me and Cromado were in the corner, more than happy and proud of the guys.
We went back to Rio de Janeiro the day after the fights so i could enjoy my hollidays, and i did....for 2 days. My student Franklin Jensen, who had won the "Nitrix Fight" superfight at the same day Terry won the UFC 105, called me saying that 2 of our boys from RFT- Santa Catarina would fight at the 30th of December. Well, the next day i took a plane to Balneário Camboriú, Santa Catarina. As soon as i got there i went home for 2 hours, left my luggage and went to the gym to take care of my students. We´ve trained for 30 straight days, no Christmas for us. The result was 2 victories at the "Warriors Challenge 4". Rafael Silva punished John Lineker for 3 rounds to win by unanimous decision while Juliano Ninja needed only 1 minute to finish his fight by submission (RNC). Once again i was very happy and proud and once more looking foward to rest. I had 2 days off and then i had came the news that i will have 3 students fighting at the "Nitrix Show Fight" on the 6th of February......Well, maybe i can rest next year...

The RFT Team after the perfect night at WFE 5.

Rafael Silva punishing John Lineker at the Warriors Challenge 4.

Juliano Ninja submits at the Warriors Challenge 4.

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