Sunday, July 25, 2010

Luta Livre tournament was a success!

After months of planning Marcelo Brigadeiro's hard work of organising a Luta Livre tournament between 13 gyms in the UK proved to be successful. The tournament which consisted of different weight categories and levels of experience. The tournament also had an open weight category for those who dared to enter it, were a guy who is 120kg could roll with a guy as low as 60kg it really was a shot in the dark who on who you were pitted against.

Another historic day for Luta Livre.

The results are below:


under 55kg:

1-Raphael Uchegbu (Team Kaobon)
2- Connor McDonald (Speeke MMA)
3- Timothy See (Speeke MMA)

over 55kg:

1- Amin Nazer (Team Redemption)
2- Denzil Nunzda (Team Redemption)
3- Jonathan Riley (Team Kaobon)


under 66kg:

1- Michael Lever (Team Kaobon)
2- Craig Downes (Team Kaobon)
3- Simon Ridgway (Team Kaobon)

under 77kg:

1- Graeme Dutton (Team Kaobon)
2- Louis Jenkins (Team Kaobon)
3- Anthony O`Connor (Team Kaobon)

under 88kg:

1- John Smith (Independent Fighter)
2- Paddy Burnes (Team Kaobon)
3- Dave Turner (Hybrid MMA School)

under 99kg:

1- Tony "Maloney" Tarleton (Team Kaobon)
2- Sean Edmondson (Team Kaobon)
3- MJ Hutchinson (Scotish Budo Association)

over 99kg:

1- Shawn Kenny (Team Kaobon)
2- Ian Willianson (Team Redemption)
3- Alex Bristol (Pure MMA)

Open Class:

1- Sean Edmondson (Team Kaobon)
2- Andrew Southall (Team Redemption)
3- Dwayne McManus (Team Redemption)


under 66kg:

1- Adam Ugorski (Team Kaobon)
2- Colin Rigby (Team Kaobon)

under 77kg:

1- Steven Edmondson (Team Kaobon)
2- Greg Severs (Team Kaobon)
3- Alex Tweedie (Gracie Barra Lagarto)

under 88kg:

1- Lee Williams (Team Kaobon)
2- Jake Burns (D-tech/ Nine Nine)
3- Jody Cheschire (D-Tech/ Nine Nine)

under 99kg:

1- Abdul Omope (Team Kaobon)
2- Peter Szeto (Team Kaobon)

Open Class:

1- Abdul Omope (Team Kaobon)
2- Greg Severs (Team Kaobon)
3- Steven Edmondson (Team Kaobon)


under 66kg:

1- Adam Ugorski (Team Kaobon)
2- Robbie Fallon (Gracie Barra Lagarto)

under 77kg:

1- Marcos Nardini (BJJ Scotland)
2- Jay McGuiness (Team Kaobon)
3- Stuart Bars (Pure MMA)

under 88kg:

1- Kam Atakuru (Team Kaobon)
2- Jay Manning (Team Kaobon)
3- Scott Ward (Dinky Ninjas)


1- Team Kaobon (190 points)
2- Team Redemption (38 points)
3- Speeke MMA (10 points)
D-Tech/ Nine Nine (10 points)
BJJ Scotland (10 points)
Gracie Barra Lagarto
4- Pure MMA (8 points)
5- Hybrid MMA School (4 points)
Scotish Budo Association (4 points)
Dinky Ninjas (4 points)

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