Friday, July 16, 2010

UKMMANEWS-Man on a mission!

UKMMANEWS interview with Marcelo Brigadeiro!

Since arriving in the UK two years ago, Marcelo Brigadeiro has been on a one-man-mission to spread the word of Luta Livre around the UK and Europe. A Luta Livre Blackbelt under Marcio Cromado and representing Renovação Fight Team (Brazil), Marcelo has been instrumental in establishing Liverpool’s Kaobon gym as one of the top MMA clubs in the UK. He began his training in Luta Livre in 1994 and first competed a year later, he has been teaching the art since 2000.

UKMMMANEWS managed to get an interview with the man himself and his deep passion for the sport is obvious. He is in the middle of a massive seminar tour and everyone that attends these raves about his attention to detail, teaching skill and how some simple adjustments shown by him have improved their grappling game exponentially. Marcelo is spreading what he lovingly refers to as “the Luta Livre virus”. If this virus is half as infectious as his own enthusiasm for the sport, then sooner or later we are all going to catch it! If you’ve ever been caught with a dose of “the jits”, better prepare yourselves for the new epidemic that is sure to arrive at a town or city near you soon!

Growing up in Brazil, why did you choose Luta Livre over BJJ when you began martial arts training?
Because on that time BJJ was practiced only by rich people, so if you did not have the gi from the best brand, you would be bullied by the other kids. And although I never had a bad life (moneywise) I never liked to hang around with rich guys, I didn’t use to like their attitudes….Luta Livre was different, because it was practiced by poor people, so the atmosphere in the gym was different, everyone very humble and trying to help each other…I felt better there…


Marcelo Brigadeiro's two homes!

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