Sunday, October 24, 2010

Luta Livre family expands

Today was another day for Luta Livre to expand its family as Marcelo Brigadeiro hosted another grading at Team Kaobon, before leaving on his tour of the world and returning home to Brazil. Another historic day was made adding to the rise of Luta Livre which has always been in the shadows of Brazilian Ju Jitsu however, it is becoming more and more popular amongst martial artists and Brazilian Ju Jitsu players have a lot more respect for the martial art these days.

The grading consisted of rolls using just technique and then Marcelo talked about the history of Luta Livre and Marcelo's story of how his life has been affected by Luta Livre.

A lot of different ability was graded ranging from white belts all the way to the highest at purple. Grading was scored on ability, attitude and commitment and knowledge.

Marcelo said he was proud of everybody involved and wanted to keep spreading the word of Luta Livre, stating everybody who is graded has a role to play in spreading the word. Well done to everybody who involved keep training hard and showing what Luta Livre is all about.

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