Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OMMAC 7 'This is Kaobon'

OMMAC 7 was billed with some top fighters and match ups and it didn't disappoint, Two titles on the line and alot of local fighters competing. OMMAC 7 saw four Kaobon fighters in action, three fights finished within the first round and one during the second. Lightweight Mark Glover fought against 10-15 Martin Begley of Belfast winning via armbar in the second round improving his record to 4-1. Greg Severs won his first Professional fight winning inside the first round way of ground and pound against Swansea independent fighter Craig Allen. Uche Ihiekwe also won impressively improving his record to 2-0 in his professional career with a flying knee in the first Deivydas Rehenbergas. Also impressing was Mark Scanlon improving his record to 7-0 winning within ten seconds with a head kick. Speaking after the show Marcelo said I am very proud of my guy`s performance tonight......We not only won fights, because this any gym can do....we showed everyone what a complete team is......Just a different standard from all the others, this is Kaobon......Well done guys!!

Results below:

Amateur 3 X 3

1. 66kg Dean Garnett (next Generation) Defeated Brett Heally (coventry Mafia) Via Unanimous Decision

2. 84kg Danny Roberts (next Generation) Defeated James Thomas (swansea Team Mayhem) By Tap To Ground And Pound At 1:26 Of Round 1

Pro 3 X 5

3. 77kg Lucasz Les (wolfslair) Defeated Darius Kuncevicius (antanas Gym Lithuania) By Guillotine At 0:25 Of Round 1

4. 70kg Greg Severs (kaobon) Defeated Craig Allen (swansea Mayhem) By Tap To Ground And Pound At 1.45 Of Round 1

5. 70kg Uche Ihiekwe (kaobon) Defeated Deivydas Rehenbergas (antanas Gym Lithuania) Via Referee Stoppage At 0:41 Of Round 1

6. 84kg Aurillijus Kerpe (antanas Gym Lithuania) Defeated Jay Caren (wolfslair) Via Referee Stoppage At 5:00 Of Round 2

7 77kg Mark Scanlon (kaobon) Defeated Michael Reid (gracie Barra Ni) Via Ko (head Kick) At 0:10 Of Round 1

8. 61kg James Doolan (dinky Ninjas) Defeated Leigh Remidios (vt Jiu Jitsu) Via Referee Stoppage At 0:40 Of Round 2

9. 84kg Alex Makhonin (lancaster And Morecambe Mma) Defeated Denniston Sutherland (hybrid Fight Team) Via Unanimous Decision

10. 70kg Mark Glover (kaobon) Defeated Martin Begley (antrim Mma) By Armbar At 4:05 Of Round 2

11 70kg Mick Bowman (wolfslair) Defeated Phil Flyn (predator Mma Gym) By Referee Stoppage At 3:08 Of Round 2

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