Sunday, February 1, 2009

Luta Livre's Fighters ready for Gladiator School.

Julian "Jabba" Soares, Mark Scanlon, Tom Baxter, Greg Severs, Dave Newbrook and Mick "The Atom" are the fighters who will represent Luta Livre on Gladiator School, next sunday. All of them represent team Kaobon and have been training very hard with their coaches Marcelo Brigadeiro (Luta Livre) and Colin Heron (Thai Boxing). Julian "Jabba" and Mark Scanlon will fight under professional rules while Tom, Greg, Dave and Mick will be fighting as semi-professional. Good luck Luta Livre's warriors!

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  1. congratulations for your job in liverpool ''briga'', i'm sure that you'll be the best teacher in UK, good luck for your students and you'll never walk alone....