Saturday, February 28, 2009

Three Luta Livre fighters in action on next Cage Gladiators.

Luta Livre will be represented by three fighters on next Cage Gladiator (7th March). Julian "Jabba" Soares (73 kg), Lee "The Butcher" Chadwick (77 kg) and Kev "Damage" Axeworthy (83 kg) are training hard at Team Kaobon to give their best when they step in the ring. Under their coaches (Colin Heron - Thai Boxing and Marcelo Brigadeiro - Luta Livre) supervision, all three guys are going through the same routine what consists in 6 hours of training everyday mixing standing up and ground techniques. Good luck to the Luta Livre warriors.

Julian "Jabba" Soares
Lee "The Butcher" Chadwick
Kev "Damage" Axeworthy

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