Saturday, February 14, 2009

Terry Etim ready for UFC 95.

Terry Etim is ready to fight on February 21st at UFC 95. He will face Brian Cobb (15-4). After a great win over Sam Stout on UFC 89, when he used combinations of precise kicks with fast hands and a spiteful jab to control the canadian for 3 rounds, Terry now wants another victory. In pursuit of perfection, Etim has undergone a continuous period of preparation and training since his win over Stout. Not content with just winning, Etim is determined to win, look great doing it and, ultimately, thrill his biggest critic – himself. There’s one way to achieve all three – good, old-fashioned hard work. To bring his ground game to the highest level Terry has been training Luta Livre for a few months under supervision of his Luta Livre's coach Marcelo Brigadeiro. He has also been training hard on his already impressive Thai Boxing skills with his coach Colin Heron. Such a hard work at Team Kaobon makes him very confident of victory on February 21st. “It’s a good fight for me” admits Etim. “I think I’ll be fine wherever it goes. I’m confident should it stay standing and I’m confident going to the ground with him. He’s (Cobb) a very strong fighter, but I’m confident I’ll have the advantages in most areas." It’s scary to think that Etim, still merely 23, is only just embarking on his run up the mixed martial arts mountain. Angular and physically imposing at the weight, Etim is now purely seeking experience and activity. Once he conquers both, Britain could be looking at a genuine star of the sport. Good Luck Terry!

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